Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Toronto Security Conference

In the past, Toronto has hosted a bunch of Security conferences, but most of these, like InfoSec Canada, are essentially technology trade-shows. Surprisingly, there hasn't been anything like CanSecWest in Toronto which focuses on showing people new and interesting ways that they may be attacked, and not simply pimping their products - essentially, educating the security geeks (like me) on the newest & ugliest things that will can hurt me. Instead I've always needed to pay (or convince my company to pay) for flight and hotel for a few days to go to CanSecWest, BlackHat/Defcon, Shmoocon, etc.

As it turns out, that's about to change with a new conference this fall in Toronto: SecTor, which stands for "Security Education Conference - Toronto".

Thought I'd share this with everyone out there since I'm involved with helping set this up. Before the "self-serving" idea pops into anyone's head, I'm not getting any money out of it - I'm spending my own cycles on helping out with the conference because I think it's a GOOD IDEA, and much needed in the GTA technology space. (Okay, I'll probably get a free pass out of the idea, but mostly I'll be on-site lending a hand with setup, etc.)

The conference will be held on Nov 20-21, 2007 at the Toronto Convention Centre. There are already a couple few good speakers lined up including Mark Russinovich, Joanna Rutkowska, Johnny Long, Dan Kaminsky, Mark Fabro, and Ira Winkler.

Currently, there's a call for papers on the site, and registration should be opening in the next couple of days. (If you're a vendor, SecTor is also looking for sponsorship to help cover costs, so you can either hit the link on the website, or you can drop me a comment)


If you're in the Toronto area (or plan to be around that time), check out the site. If there's any other info not on the site, please let us know - again, there's contact info on the site, or you can drop me a comment.

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